Web Annotation

Commenting on the Web is broken. Web Annotation offers the keys to create and share meaningful comments, making a better Web.


There are multiple platforms for sending messages on the Web. Shouldn't there be a standard way to share between social media services? Web Annotations provides a common data model that unlocks the content you've created, and lets you and others spread it far and wide, while still linking back to where you first published it.

A Simple Example

  "@context": "http://www.w3.org/ns/anno.jsonld",
  "id": "http://example.org/anno3",
  "type": "Annotation",
  "creator": {
    "id": "http://example.org/user1",
    "name": "Anne O'Tater",
    "nick": "Ann0"
  "body": [
      "role": "comment",
      "text": "Vannevar Bush is the father of modern annotations."
      "role": "tagging",
      "text": "quote"
  "target": {
    "source": "http://example.org/page1",
    "selector": {
      "type": "TextQuoteSelector",
      "exact": "The process of tying two items together is the important thing.",
      "prefix": "essential feature of the memex. ",
      "suffix": " When the user is building a tra"

JSON-LD logo Bookmarking and Notes

Bookmarking and note-taking apps let you organize your Web surfing and research. But there haven't been many innovations in these tools for decades. Web Annotation lets you take detailed notes about why a website caught your attention, highlight what quotes or selections were the most interesting, and lets you share those thoughts with the world, or select groups of friends or colleagues (or just keep them for yourself).


The Web Annotation Playground is a web-based Web Annotation viewer and debugger. If you are interested in learning to use Web Annotations, this tool will be of great help to you. Developers may also use the tool to debug, visualize, and share their Web Annotation content, in JSON-LD or HTML.

Launch the Web Annotation Playground


JSON-LD is available in a number of popular programming environments. Each implementation of JSON-LD listed below is fully conforming to the offical JSON-LD specifications.

The JSON-LD Test Suite is useful for validating JSON-LD Processors.

Conformance of various processors is documented in the implementation report.

Getting Help / Collaborating

JSON-LD is being developed by the W3C JSON-LD Community Group. It is a W3C Recommendation as of 16 January 2014. Participation is open to the public. There is a JSON-LD Github repository. If you need immediate help, we have a #json-ld IRC support channel on freenode.net. There is also a JSON-LD mailing list. All weekly meetings are open to the public, and are minuted, recorded, and archived. Listed below are all of the communication tools that the community uses on a weekly basis.

Learn More...

This website contains a number of curated video, presentations, tutorials, and documentation about JSON-LD. Assuming you are familiar with JSON, these training materials will help you quickly put the power of JSON-LD into your web development efforts.

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